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Rethink your options.

Retail Business Management Software

You need an integrated retail software solution that empowers you to make profitable decisions quickly and easily.

The evolution of the retail industry has gone from small town general stores to online multi-national storefronts. You are just as diverse as the products you sell and the consumers you serve. Your customers can now shop anytime from anywhere in the world, with the touch of a button.

You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors in a world of accelerating globalization and sluggish economies. You need to enhance your customers shopping experience by reducing customer wait time, increasing throughput and creating opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell other merchandise.

You need to rethink your options and choose an inventory management solution that optimizes your operational efficiency at the checkout.

MagRabbit-SystemSoft-AU, LLC helps you provide the best possible service, so your customers will visit you more often and spend more.

MagRabbit-SystemSoft-AU, LLC builds customized inventory management software for retailers that provides accurate and reliable transactional data collection on a per item level basis. With our retail software experts, we get your inventory management software up and running quickly, with minimal disruption to your business and a positive impact on your revenues.

Up-to-the-minute reporting:

MagRabbit-SystemSoft-AU, LLC's automated inventory and purchasing management gives you up-to-the minute inventory reporting, telling you what's in-stock, on order and in transit.

Reports also present your hottest selling items and slowest moving inventory so you can adjust their placement, pricing and ordering immediately.

Our retail management solutions enable you to transform your business, so you can thrive in a somewhat unstable economy.

The benefits of partnering with MagRabbit-SystemSoft-AU, LLC for your Retail Business Software are endless:
  • check_circleStreamlining Transaction Processing
  • check_circleConnecting Data Across Multiple Stores
  • check_circleOffering Point-Of-Sale Capabilities
  • check_circleProviding Customer Management and Marketing
  • check_circleBeing Scalable to Meet Business Growth
  • check_circlePresenting Customizable Real-Time Reports
  • check_circleGranting Advanced Security Options
At MagRabbit-SystemSoft-AU, LLC, we integrate customized inventory management software solutions for high volume checkouts, small counter checkouts and in-store distributed checkouts, including:
  • check_circleMass Merchandisers
  • check_circleDrug Stores and Pharmacies
  • check_circleSupermarkets and Neighborhood Markets
  • check_circleDepartment Stores
  • check_circleConvenience and Specialty Stores
  • check_circleWarehouse Clubs and General Merchandisers
  • check_circleSome larger Do-It-Yourself Retailers
  • check_circleAnd more...

We offer our clients the options they need for:

  • check_circleEnterprise-Wide Systems Enhancements
  • check_circleCustomer Relationship Management Support
  • check_circleData Consolidation & Business Intelligence
  • check_circleNew Enterprise-Wide Systems
  • check_circleSupply Chain Management Improvement
  • check_circleProject Management
  • check_circleIP telephony & Mobile Workforce Deployment

Say goodbye to manual inventory management and say hello to business automation.

MagRabbit-SystemSoft-AU, LLC offers a hybrid delivery model that combines powerful expertise with an in-house team of skilled technical resources. This enables us to provide you with high value solutions at a cost our competitors cannot match. MagRabbit-SystemSoft-AU, LLC has been honored time and time again for their leadership in the IT industry by such distinguished companies as Deloitte Technology and the Tech Titans. It's time to rethink your options and work with a company who knows your challenges and specializes in retail business software and inventory management solutions.`

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