Global Managed Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Mtech Partners Logistics Solutions

MSA Logistics Solutions provide an outsourced business model with a range of technology and process solutions to enhance your business performance.

Mtech Partners offer Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Advance Office Services, Mailroom, Digital Mail, Document Flow, Managed Print and Reprographics. We use Hybrid/Nearshore, Onshore/Offshore, Onsite/Offsite Models. We also use High Technology Tools such as iTrak, uBook, MI Tools, WH&S Online Support Tools, and UFile.

1. Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Logistics.

Mtech Partners can help improve your goods and services process through our 20 years experience in these specific services.

As a result of using our SCM and Logistics services, your expense will be lowered throughout the chain by driving out the unnecessary cost, actions, and transaction. The main thing of SCM is focused on efficiency and added more value. Efficiency is increased, and bottlenecks are removed. We help you to reduce your cost and increase your profit significantly.

2. Office Services, Mail Room, Document Flow, Manage Print and Reprographics:

Mtech Partners offers all renting services such as storage, depot, warehouse, office... We also provides excellent global managed services such as advanced office services, Mailroom, messaging, Digital Mail; Managed Print Services and Print Room, Record and Storage Management, Front office services; Document Flow Management.

3. Hybrid/Nearshore, Onshore/Onsite, Offshore/Offsite Models:

Mtech Partners has the advantages of all models:

Offshore/Offsite Model: clients save high- cost, contact with a single point, have 4 hours minimum overlap with the onshore team (onshore is equal onsite) with responsive and clear communications.

Onshore/Onsite Model: clients have face-to-face communication, maximum control and co-working, maximum of time and effectiveness, reduce recruitment expense.

Hybrid/Nearshore Model: Win-win models, clients have a transparent project status and clear communication at all time; understand deeply about each other's working method and lead to long-term benefits; get high-quality resources, and having offshore software developers gains huge cost advantages.

However, a client should consider the categories of coordinated measures while working with offshore/offsite/nearshore employees such as requirement, standards, plans, teams, formal and informal mutual adjustment, and communication method.

4. Technologies:

Mtech Partners have the advantages of all the newest technologies

iTrak is intelligent track systems. iTrak takes place of hardware with basic, flexible software which redefines speed and adaptability in automation.

uBook is a courier management solution. uBook manages your courier expense, directs users to the most cost-effective courier service base on the standards set by you and base on the list of approved service providers that you choose. uBook is integrated fully with third-party tracking and booking data exchange and history.

WH&S Online Support Tools which enable organizations to simply and effectively manage their Warehouse and Storage.

UFile is a web application which helps you to update tax codes. It's software that resides on your secure servers all the time.

MSA Global Customer Care Solutions

MSA Global Customer Care Solutions.

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