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Product Management & Technology Consulting Services

Technology development without the right strategy is destined to fail. MSA can solve this – our consulting and managed services aim to alleviate common missteps, and assist customers in thorough planning with top-level strategies. Focused on web applications, mobile applications and enterprise solutions, Mtechpartners delivers successful projects by gaining a thorough understanding of our client's business problems.

We offer the following comprehensive technology consulting services to ensure that you can turn your idea into a product that will help grow your business.

Technology Consulting Services:

  • check_circleProduct Management
  • check_circleProduct Specifications
  • check_circleManaged Services and BPO
  • check_circleIT staff augmentation
  • check_circleContent Strategy
  • check_circleSEO Strategy
  • check_circleProduct Monetization
  • check_circleUser Experience Strategy
  • check_circleMedia Research
  • check_circleE-Commerce Planning
  • check_circleNarrative Design
  • check_circleSales Funnel Creation
  • check_circleCommunication Strategy
  • check_circleConsumer Insights
  • check_circleProduct Measurement
  • check_circleProduct Analysis
  • check_circleProcess Optimization
  • check_circleBusiness Analysis
  • check_circleProduct Road Maps
  • check_circleand more...
Web & Application Design Services:
  • check_circleInformation Architecture/Information Design
  • check_circleWireframe Prototyping
  • check_circleProof of Concept Development
  • check_circleConsumer Experience Modeling
  • check_circleUser Interface Design
  • check_circleIllustration
  • check_circleData Visualization
Software Engineering Services:
  • check_circleTechnical (Front-end, Back-end) Architecture
  • check_circleiOS, Android, Windows, iBook
  • check_circleLegacy Integration and Migration
  • check_circleDesktop & Web Apps
  • check_circleSystems Integration
  • check_circleAPI & SDK Development
  • check_circlePerformance Optimization
  • check_circleServer Development
  • check_circleData Feed/API Design
  • check_circleCloud Computing Solutions
  • check_circleDeployment Strategy
  • check_circleThird-Party Management
  • check_circleAnalytics & Reporting
  • check_circleQA Test Plans
  • check_circleRegression Testing
  • check_circleand so much more...
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