Semiconductor Engineering Services

We are a premier provider of engineering services and solutions to the semiconductor industry.


We are a premier provider of engineering services and solutions to the semiconductor industry. We offer cost-effective custom solutions that help our clients accelerate projects and achieve their specific objectives and milestones. We have the experience and expertise to cover a wide range of fields:


  • check_circleRTL design
  • check_circleDFT/ATPG
  • check_circleEmbedded software
  • check_circleFPGA
  • check_circleSynthesis
  • check_circlePlace and route
  • check_circleStatic timing analysis
  • check_circlePower analysis
  • check_circleRail/EM analysis
  • check_circlePhysical verification
  • check_circleFormal verification
  • check_circleFunctional simulation
  • check_circleFunctional verification

Engagement Models

We will start first with an understanding of your needs, including the skills and experience levels, location and time zone preferences, etc.

We will find the best match for the talent need.

  • check_circleThey will be on-boarded quickly to work alongside with your team in your projects.
  • check_circleOr you can interview them and hire them directly in a direct hire model.
  • check_circleThe engineers can work from our offices in Vietnam, or at a location that you prefer.
  • check_circleReduce your cost by taking advantage of our global talent network, with less cost per hire, remote working capability and around the clock usage of your expensive tool licenses.
Project management
  • check_circleThe engineers can join your existing team, working in a project you manage.
  • check_circleOr they can work in a project that we manage for you at one of our locations.
  • check_circleWe recruit the best talent and help them getting ready for deployment via a training program that is tailored to individual goals.
  • check_circleInstructor-led or on-demand training modules designed or taught by industry veterans and experienced college professors in our team.
  • check_circleOn the job training.
  • check_circleIn addition, our team can work with you to define and conduct a training program customized to help you with upskilling your existing talent and maximizing the productivity and effectiveness of your workforce.
  • check_circleOur leadership team has strong connection with top universities in Vietnam that has the best technology curriculum:
    • done_outlineUniversity of Information Technology, HCM City.
    • done_outlinePosts and Telecommunication Institute of Technology.
    • done_outlineHCM City University of Technology.
    • done_outlineHCM City University of Science.
    • done_outlineHCM City University of Technology and Education.

Staff Augmentation Models

We offer flexible business models for your needs. The engineers will work remotely or onsite.

Contract Hire
  • check_circleThe engineers will be part of the your project team.
Direct Hire
  • check_circleWe are an extension of your team in job posting and recruitment.
  • check_circleThe engineers will be interviewed and hired by you.
Dedicated Team
  • check_circleWe build a dedicated team for you per your requirements.
  • check_circleThe team will work exclusively on the project managed by you or by us.
  • check_circleA mixture of the above models.

Skill Sets

Front-end Design skill

Embedded Software Skill

IC Physical Design Skill

Let's Start Accelerating Your Success

Tell us about your needs and see the amazing results quickly.

Get Talent
  • check_circleWhat are the skills and experience levels you need?
  • check_circleDo you have a preference for locations or time zones?
  • check_circleWould you like it to be direct hires or a staff augmentation?
Build Team
  • check_circleWhat are project and the skill sets you are looking for?
  • check_circleWhich engagement model works best for you?
  • check_circleAny special training needs?
  • check_circleWhat are the project you would like a turnkey service for? In this turnkey model, we take full responsibilities for the project and deliver the results within schedule.

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